Bastrop County Amateur Radio Club

Upcoming Events!

We meet every Wednesday for lunch at 11am at El Nuevo, near Wal-Mart in Bastrop.

Come join us for Saturday breakfast at 07:30!

1st and 3rd Saturday we meet at El Mexicano, in Smithville.

2nd Saturday we meet at Texas Grill in Bastrop.

4th Saturday we will meet at Maxines on Main in Bastrop


Club meetings are held 9am, the 2nd Saturday of each month following breakfast at the Texas Grill, in Bastrop.

4 Responses to “Upcoming Events!”

  • Al says:

    Thanks, Mike and Jeff for getting the info on the Meeting and Picnic up on the Webpage. It all is looking great now.;


  • Al says:

    The regular meeting of the BCARC will be held next Saturday at the Texas Grill at 9:00 am. Breakfast if you like at 7:30. We encourage all members to attend and especially our newer members and guests.
    Notice of the post-meeting topic will be given later in the week. But it will be good. You have to pass it before you know what it is, as they say. hihi

    • Al says:

      I made another mistake…. The meeting is the second Saturday of November, not next week. Hope this does not make anybody as confused as I am.

  • JD says:

    Good morning, whoever notices this. I’m KG5QIF – just got my call letter not long ago and am in the process of setting up. I met some club members when I took the test in ??? – but have been busy with a never-ending move from West Texas and haven’t done much of anything else yet.

    Haven’t joined yet, but will when I manage to make one of the meetings. Listened in yesterday to the Talk @ Three. I have great gobs of things to learn, but one immediate question: I’m operating at this point with a little Nagoya UT-72 magnetic-based antenna on a baking sheet and wondering which direction the 145.350 repeater is from me – I’m about a mile west of where 21 exits from 71. I get pretty good reception in the house but think it might be better outside, even with the antenna I have. Any advice would be appreciated.