ARRL Field Day, June 2024

Field Day Jun 2024 was a challenge as battery backup was required to be part of the contest. We had 3 stations and made over 200 QSOs. We had several visitors one of which joined the club! Here are a few pics from the day…

Jim (KM5M) & Mickey (KI5SIR). Mickey’s end-fed antenna from the big tower to the bleachers

We had a great location in the Bastrop High School NJROTC building with lots of work table space and most importantly, air conditioning!

Lee (KI5YPR) with his end-fed antenna using the front flagpole for height.
Steve (KI5UAL) and Trent. Trent (AC5TT) using a 20-40 meter dipole. Height provided by the rear located flagpole and a fence for two ends and trees on the other side for two other ends.
Dwight (N5TCS) helping Trent with one of the ends.
Antennas are up. Now Lee (KI5YPR) is setting up a Raspberry PI 3 (yellow arrow points to it) as a communications tool. Software is WPSD.
Al (WD5IQR) and Richard (W5SOL) working 20/40 M in the back room.
Trent’s (AC5TT) radio, ICOM 756 PRO II, in the back room. What a beauty!
Mickey (KI5SIR) working digital with Roger (AC5RY) in front and Jim (KM5M) in back.
Trent (AC5TT) working 20M in the back room.
In addition to the Raspberry PI, Lee was working 20M with this setup. Lee also provided GOTA (get on the air) for our guests.
Chatting with one of several visitors we had Saturday.
Michael (K3QN) setup the server for logging calls. Each of the 3 radio stations had a separate laptop with a wireless connection to the server here. You can see 2 of them are in red and currently connected.

Our thanks to Matt (KI5DKH) for letting us into the facility and to Lee (KI5YPR) for getting us on the ARRL roster for the day’s competition. It was a lot of fun and I sure did learn a lot from everyone!